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28th July 2016

Launch of the Health System Hub 2.0

The new Health System Hub platform 2.0 has been launch with new features and improvements. The Health System Hub provides a great mix of high quality knowledge products on global health issues, with an interactive directory of health professionals and organizations around the world that you can directly message to build your networks, and it is totally Free!

Launch of the Health System Hub 2.0


Here are just some of the new features and improvements to the new Hub platform:

  • NEW! A brand new personalized homepage with all of the latest activity and easy access to your Action Buttons so you can upload resources, message a member, add an organization, and more!
  • NEW! A simpler, streamlined Learn domain to help you find, like and upload resources faster!
  • NEW! A brand new Profile page for each Member that allows you to quickly access the resources you like, the groups you have joined, events you are attending, and more!
  • NEW! A unique ‘My Country’ button that immediately shows you resources, members, organizations, news articles and events related to your country!
  • NEW! Each organization profile on the Hub now has an ‘Associated Members’ tab so you can quickly message someone who works for, or has knowledge of, that organization.
  • IMPROVED! a new redesigned Collaborate domain so each Group now has their own Activity Feed and easy access to all of the Group Members, Discussions, Resources, Photos and Events from the side menu!
  • IMPROVED! lots more information to the ‘About Us’ page, where you can now find out exactly what the Hub is and how it was developed!

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